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>> union bank offers unique insight and expertise in a range of industries. what can we do for you? >> afghanistan's president expresses outrage at the massive leak of classified or documents. the u.s. defense secretary calls in the fbi. >> the battlefield consequences of the release of these documents are potentially severe and dangerous for our troops, our allies, and afghan partners. >> the worst infanticide in french history. a woman admits secretly killing eight of her babies. tombs of the unknown soldiers. puree in the u.s. over thousands of mislabeled graves at arlington national cemetery.
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>> welcome to bbc, forecasting to our viewers in the u.k. and around the world. the u.s. defense secretary robert gates has called in the fbi to look into the leaking of more than 90,000 classified military documents. the documents published on the wikileaks web site on sunday gave confidential information about the afghanistan war. >> u.s. forces depend daily on information from afghan civilians as they try to defeat the taliban in afghanistan. some might give information openly. others more secretly as spies. none expected earnings to be published on the internet. the dossier exposed this week include names, addresses, and fathers names coming in direct contradiction to claims by the wikileaks publishers that they
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withheld names that might risk lives. the afghan government has been cautious about commenting on the avalanche of material on line, but president karzai was shocked by the names of informants that were left in. >> i wonder if you think it was irresponsible that afghan names of informants were put into these documents without being blacked out. >> this is extremely irresponsible and shocking. whether those individuals acted legitimately or illegitimately in providing information to those forces, their lives will be in danger. therefore, we consider that extremely irresponsible. it is an act that one cannot overlook. >> the afghan president also said that the u.s. should take more direct action against
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taliban bases in pakistan. drawn attacks against individual of qaeda leaders have been carried out for years, but in taking a hardline president karzai asked why u.s. forces were not attacking more well- known such worries of the taliban in pakistan. u.s. troops are facing their worst summer for casualties since the war began. they hardly need reminding of the continuing threat they face in afghanistan. the latest debt was a petty officer, the second body found of two soldiers missing since friday. fighting is complex war, the troops would rather keep their intelligence sources secret, and not published on the internet. >> this enormously of documents is an unwelcome distraction for a government trying to put into place a new program agreed upon last week. they are a reminder of the scale of the continuing u.s. military and intelligence efforts in
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afghanistan. bbc news, kabul. >> the u.s. defense secretary described the leak as potentially dangerous to american troops, their allies, and partners in afghanistan. >> the battlefield consequences of the release of these documents are potentially severe and dangerous for our troops, our allies, and afghan partners. they may well damage our relationships and reputation in that part of the world. intelligence sources and methods as well as military tactics, techniques, and procedures will become known to our adversaries. >> robert gates spoke earlier. i spoke to our correspondent in washington about his response. >> he is angry. the response from washington to this whole story has been to shoot the message of wikileaks.
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we saw even more enter today. it emerged in the past 24 hours that many of those documents released by wikileaks on its web site contained the names of people who were presumably afghan informants working for the united states army in afghanistan. there are fears here that people's safety will be compromised by that. there is huge anchor in particular from admiral mike mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, sitting alongside the defense secretary. he said wikileaks had been reckless and might have blood on its hands, blood of other american soldiers or afghan informants. >> robert gates also saying he plans to bring in the fbi. all of this should have implications for wiki weeks. -- for wikileaks.
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>> he asked whether the bringing in of the fbi meant that america would be looking at wikileaks e- mails and phone records. the defense secretary did not deny that. he simply said the investigation would go wherever it needed to go. in terms of the internal sense of what happens from here he talked about how they would be looking again at the amount of classified information that was available in particular to troops on the front line. in the years since 9/11 there has been a push in america to the making available of more documents so that dots can be joined on intelligence-related cases. we got the impression the defense secretary believes the limit has been reached and too much information is being made available to too many people. he is talking about what people on the front line in future will be able to see. >> in other news, the mexican
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government says it has killed a top member of the powerful sinaloa drug cartel. he was believed to be the right hand man of the most-wanted drug lord. this debt is seen as a major success for president calderon. more than 130 people are believed to have been killed in a boat accident in the democratic republic of congo. the boats were carrying around 200 passengers and crew. they hit a sand bag. the accident happened in the west of the country. at least 20 people have died in the kenyan capital of nairobi after drinking alcohol laced with toxic chemicals. a further 10 have been left blind by the drink. police believe it contained methanol. several people have been arrested. the internet giant google says the direction -- the destruction
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to some of its servers in china may have been due to a technical glitch rather than any blockage by chinese authorities. the incident comes three weeks after china agreed to renew google's operating license following a row over censorship. the french woman has confessed to suffocating eight of her babies shortly after they were born in an effort to hide the fact that she had become pregnant even from her husband. she killed the first infant in 1989, the last in 2006. the husband was arrested on suspicion of hiding the bodies but has been released without charges. from the village of villiers-au- tertre, christian fraser has more. >> she was known as a doting grandmother married to a local councilor. but behind her public persona, dominique cottrez was hiding in the cubs secret. on saturday, at a house of which she used to leave, new owners
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discovered skeletons of two newborn babies in their garden. it led police to her current home less than a mile away. inside, dominique cottrez showed them where she stored six more babies, each wrapped in a sealed plastic bag. she told the prosecutors she had concealed all eight pregnancies from her husband and had suffocated each of them at birth. autopsy results so far shown a silence of -- show no signs of violence on the children's body. the mother has admitted to deliberately smothering the children at home. people here are understandably shocked that suddenly there tiny village is linked to one of the worst cases of infanticide in french history. dominique cottrez was an active member of the community. many people knew her. how could she had all this from the people she worked with and cared for, and even her husband? >> there were an ordinary
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family, simple people. i know the man. i am very shocked. he was a good person, generous, nice. >> police believe dominique cottrez smother the first of the eight children as far back as 1989, the last in 2006. she is hugely overweight, neighbors, which might explain how she was able to hide the pregnancies. her husband has been released. dominique cottrez will remain in custody. she is facing eight charges of murder and a lifetime in prison. christian fraser, bbc news, villiers-au-tertre. >> u.s. senators say as many as 6.5000 graves at arlington national cemetery in virginia were mislabeled or unmarked. the former head of the cemetery
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says he accepts full responsibility for the mix up of grapes. >> arlington national cemetery, final resting place for army privates and american presidents. this is where fallen soldiers are honored from the revolutionary war to the conflict in iraq and afghanistan. as many as 33 funerals take place each day, burying the dead of past and present battles. the unthinkable has happened. graves have been mixed up, remains misplaced. the two officials who used to run arlington were summoned by irate senators. >> gross mismanagement of the sanctified ground has tarnished the sacred trust and shaken up many military families. >> how did this happen at america's hallowed ground, where the eternal flame burns in
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memory of john f. kennedy? staff cuts, lack of money, and an antiquated system for keeping track of the graves, said the contract former boss. >> i accept full responsibility for my actions and the action of my team. i want to express my regrets to any family who this may have caused pain. >> the failure of cemetery officials to call for help once they realize the skill of the problem is desperate to senators. >> i assume you went to the appropriations commission, omb, and the army chiefs of staff and said, "we are in crisis, and we have to get on this because it could be in every section of the cemetery?" >> i did not do that. >> arlington's dignified public image is at odds with the picture raised in today's hearing.
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senators estimate as many as 6600 graves here have been affected. the challenge now is to put that right so that families coming to pay tribute to their loved ones know it is the right gravesite. laura trevelyan, bbc news, virginia. >> still ahead, the ugly side of the beautiful game. tempers flared on the pitch in brazil. floods in northwest pakistan have killed at least 100 people. the torrance have washed away roads, and part of a newly built dam has collapsed. monsoon rains have been heavier than normal this year. >> for people living across large parts of northwest pakistan it is a desperate situation. heavy rains have caused rivers to flood their banks. there has been the destruction
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of whole villages of mud brick houses. the water is tearing down everything in its path. dozens of people have drowned. others have been electrocuted or crushed by collapsing buildings. the calls and livestock have been swept away. transport and communication lines have been severed. the army says all its available troops have been deployed. >> the rains and floods have wreaked havoc here. the entire region has been submerged and water has entered houses. >> there are monsoon rains every year but it is the strength and volume of these downpours that has caught people by surprise and caused all of this damage. it is also seen as one of the contributory factors of the plane crashed on wednesday in which over 150 people died. meteorologists are predicting the heavy rains will continue for at least another 24 hours.
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flood alerts have been issued in many parts of the country. those in low-lying areas have been told to move to higher ground. there are real fears that many more lives will be lost in the coming days. bbc news, islamabad. >> dozens of barrels filled with chemicals have been washed into a river in southeast china. two factories were flooded. you are watching bbc news. a reminder of the headlines. afghan president hamid karzai has expressed outrage at the massive leak of classified were documents. the u.s. has called in the fbi to help investigate. a french woman has admitted secretly killing her eight newborn babies over a period of 18 years. she said her husband knew nothing about the pregnancies or the killing.
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britain's prime minister, david cameron, has echoed hamid karzai's call for greater action against terrorists in pakistan. his comments came during his trip to india and he defended them, saying more needs to be done to crack down on the insurgents. pakistan's officials say they are dealing with the threat. our world officials editor says those in pakistan still face suicide bombings. >> pakistan does not have just one group of taliban to deal with. it's got to separate ones -- a home grown version and an afghan version, both operating on the territory. the army has clamped down hard on the pakistan the telegram, -- the pakistani taliban. the crackdown is succeeding although peshawar is still dangerous.
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i used to wander around here on my own without any problem. now most people locally say we should not stay in one place for more than 20 minutes for our own safety. a taliban suicide bomber heads for the press club. he blows himself up. it is caught on cc tv. the area outside peshawar has plenty of volunteers that support the afghan television. this is the village of the would-be bombers who left his car packed with explosives in times square three months ago, but was later arrested. locals make the link with afghanistan clear. >> for as long as the native forces remain in afghanistan there will be people like him. what happens in afghanistan has a direct effect on people's
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thinking here. >> the afghan and pakistani taliban make great use of the uncontrolled tribal area along the border. the british gave them almost complete autonomy in the days of the raj. this is where al qaeda and other groups operate. osama bin laden might be here somewhere. in a mansion that has scarcely changed since the days of the raj, the governor has started to take over the tribal areas where the extremists operate. >> one measure of our success has been the fact that over the past two years you look at the local people in the province over here. they were favorably inclined toward them, but have turned against them. >> at the moment when pakistan is successfully cracking down on its own telephone group it stands accused of helping the
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afghan taliban. >> they were able to show their strength. the authorities started looking at the taliban as one of the future options to support in afghanistan. >> in other words, pakistan things the taliban are winning. a taliban controlled afghanistan might be friendlier to pakistan than the present government is. john simpson, abc news, peshawar. >> the president of syria and the king of saudi arabia have talked with lebanese leaders. syria was blamed for the assassination of the lebanese a former prime minister. that was an accusation denied by damascus. the visit comes at a time of rising tensions in lebanon.
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>> february, 2005. a massive car bomb killed the influential suny prime minister and more than 20 others. he was defying the syrians at the time. saudi and american backers blamed in damascus for the outrage. so did many lebanese, despite syrian denials. there were huge demonstrations in beirut, demanding the withdrawal of syrian forces that have been here since 1976. under passive pressure the troops did withdraw, leaving syrian influence at its lowest ebb. barely a year later, in july 2006, the militant shiite movie -- movement, has a lot, triggered a war with israel, which was thought of as a triumph. syria's stock rose, too.
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two years later, hezbollah turned against the root. the message was that hezbollah was the strongest influence in the land. it strained relations with saudi arabia, patron of the sunnis. last year, tensions eased. there were reconciliation talks between saudi arabia and syria. that led the way for the libyan prime minister to visit damascus as well, despite his earlier accusations that syria killed his father. his visit to beirut carries that normalization an important step forward. but it is more than just a practical visit. the hezbollah leader has reacted
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furiously to suggestions that an international tribunal may soon imp -- may soon indict some members.ollah that is why the site of the leaders of those two countries is very reassuring for many lebanese. they hope it will lead to an easing of the tensions currently prevailing here. bbc news, beirut. >> the u.s. senator who is to chair a congressional inquiry into the locker the bomber says he may send investigators to britain. senator robert menendez says he wants to question some witnesses in the uk. the scottish and former british
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secretary as well as executive tony hayward refused to testify on capitol hill. >> we will be sending individuals and taking those who made the offer on having some trouble abroad to great britain and to scotland, to interview the individuals and to ask questions and get a thorough understanding of how the came to their decisions. hasrizona's governor appealed against the federal court decision to block parts of a federal immigration law before it came into effect. the court issued a temporary injunction against a requirement that police check the immigration status of anyone the stop, and blocking the requirement to hold emigration papers. the clash with lorry drivers despite a government order to end a strike. the government is using emergency orders to force the
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workers back to work after a few days of strike. the un cultural organization unesco has removed a site from its list of world heritage sites. the former brazil goalkeeper has been given a 30 day provisional banned for his part in a brawl involving radio reporters. it followed a domestic championship match which pitted him against rivals victoria last week. after goya sold the first goal, they took a lead midway through the first half. at halftime there was a dramatic reversal that anchor the coach.
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known for his fiery temper, he headed straight for the referee, claiming the second goal was offside. reporters tried to broadcast the conversation when the trouble broke out. several goyas players hit back at the reporters. the former brazil goal of keeping -- goalkeeper faces a 30 day balance. two players have been suspended for a month. they will miss the next seven matches. >> a new addition to a world less tension in the united states has been attracting attention. a female cross between a donkey and a zebra was born a week ago in north georgia. the adult has zebra instinct and sets up instead of lying on her side.
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this has been bbc news. >> see the news unfold. get the top stories from around the globe. click to play video reports. go to to experience of our reporting on line. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of companies. what can we do for you?
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